Sunday, June 24, 2007

Duct Tape, The Handyman's, and now the Promgoer's, Secret Weapon

Since I vacation in Garrett County, Maryland, I read the online version of the Garrett County Republican newspaper. And I'm glad I do, because if it weren't for the Republican I wouldn't have learned about the scholarship competition that makes Red Green's exploits look like child's play.

The Republican describes the "Stuck at Prom" contest and the prom dress and tuxedo made of duct tape, or is it duck tape, designed by Adrienne Beiler, of Salisbury, Pa. Adrienne spent about a year designing and creating her duct tape dress and accessories. She also fashioned a suit and accessories for her date, Zac Cupler of Grantsville, MD.

The couple is one of the top 10 finalists in a scholarship contest that involves making prom outfits from duct tape. People can vote on-line every day here, and the couple with the most votes by Friday, June 29, will win. The prize is $3,000 for each member of the couple, and $3,000 for the school (Salisbury High School, in Adrienne's case). Adrienne's grandmother Mabel, who taught her how to sew when she was 9 years old, assisted her with the construction of the dress.

Adrienne is currently in first place. I highly recommend that you go here and vote for her costumes.

Today's Oneword - Boss

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Most of the time, the boss is wrong. Look at the total mess in Iraq, Afghanistan, and soon, Iran, for an example.

Irrefutable Evidence on Iran

Click on the image for a larger version.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

26 84 Lumber Staffers Laid Off To Pay for Joe Hardy Wedding

An 84-year-old groom. A 22-year-old bride. A Las Vegas wedding. It has to be paid for - somehow.

And now we know how. 26 staffers were laid off this week from 84 Lumber's corporate offices, according to a report from The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, One of America's Great Newspapers.

"This was just about enough to cover Joe's wedding costs," said company spokesman Jeff Nobers, referring to 84 Lumber magnate and Fayette County politician Joe Hardy's wedding to Kristin Georgi.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Tie The Knot, But Don't Eat The Cake

The wedding dress! The limo! The flowers! The reception! The honeymoon!

The Debt!

Well, maybe now we can get rid of the debt before it happens, thanks to a new concept in wedding cakes - cake rental! That's right. According to an article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, One of America's Great Newspapers, you rent a great-looking multitiered cake, cut out a specially placed slice of real cake, and then wheel it out of sight, only to serve a less expensive but equally great-tasting sheet cake. You can pick from a stock design, or you can create your own.

With the money you save, you can afford the passport you'll need to get back from Niagara Falls.

Made In Japan - Pepsi Ice Cucumber

"Cool as a cucumber." It's just a saying, right? Well, maybe in most places, but not in Japan, where Japanese are staying cool as a cucumber this summer with Pepsi Ice Cucumber - a new soda based on the crisp green gourd.

The purist in you will want to avoid this beverage, which doesn't actually have any cucumber in it - but has been artificially flavored to resemble "the refreshing taste of a fresh cucumber," said Aya Takemoto, spokeswoman of Japan's Pepsi distributor, Suntory Ltd., which plans to sell some 200,000 cases of the stuff this summer.

Mr. Takemoto did not comment on whether there would be a "Teen BoyZ Pepsi Ice Cucumber," which will not use the burpless cucumber variety.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

More Jesus Less Crap - An Odd Way to Advertise Your Church

Driving around Pittsburgh's North Hills today, I saw a ton of these signs for something called Iron City Church. I wonder if they're after anyone over 25?

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Today's Oneword - Hip

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Hip. When I was younger I worried about whether I was. Now, I worry about the pain in it.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Today's Oneword - Killer

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If you're a killer, you might go to jail if you're really unlucky. If you're a white collar criminal or socialite, you're going to the slammer for sure.

Chernobyl, Site of World's Worst Nuclear Accident, Becomes Wildlife Haven

The area surrounding the Chernobyl nuclear power plant has become a wildlife haven just two decades after an explosion and fire sent clouds of radioactive particles drifting over the fields of the Ukrainian countryside.

Maria Urupa says the wilderness is encroaching. Packs of wolves have eaten two of her dogs and wild boars trample through her cornfield. And she says fox, rabbits and snakes infest the meadows near her cottage.

Pictured at right is one of the fish recently caught in the nearby Pripyat river.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Today's Oneword - Ramp

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I have a 2.6 mile commute to work. I am thankful that I don't have to use a ramp to get on any highways to go to work.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Today's Oneword - Jeopardy

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I wonder if Alex Trebek will last as long on Jeopardy as Bob Barker did on The Price is Right?

Danica Patrick First Woman in 102 Years to Win Belmont Stakes

Danica Patrick shocked the racing world today by announcing that she was leaving the IRL to take up horse racing. It was a good move for Patrick, as she became the first female in 102 years to win the Belmont stakes. Patrick battled Curlin in a breathtaking stretch run, edging the Preakness winner by a nipple.

A filly hadn't won the Belmont Stakes in over a century. "My hat is off to Danica Patrick," said Curlin's trainer, Steve Asmussen. I think she could win in Trotting, Pacing, IRL, NASCAR, or anywhere, really.

No one was happier with the victory than trainer Todd Pletcher and jockey John Velazquez. "It's a special feeling now matter when you do it, but when you do it with a filly for the first time in 102 years it's really special," Pletcher said. And that's a direct quote.

Danica Patrick became the third female to capture the Belmont -- Ruthless took the first running in 1867 and Tanya won in 1905. Only 22 have ever tried the Belmont

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Official Seal of Scott's Spot Unveiled

It has taken minutes of focused effort, but the results are worth it. Here's the Official Seal of Scott's Spot.

You too can to to the Official Seal Generator to create your very own official seal. Do it today!

Paris Hilton Finds Bogus Get Out Of Jail Free Card

Friday, June 08, 2007

Today's Oneword - Umbrella

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It was raining when I left work today. But not so much that I needed an umbrella. I made it to the car without getting too terribly wet.

My Personality Cluster

Your Personality Cluster is Introverted Thinking

You are:

Objective, honest, and credible
Intellectually curious, with many diverse interests
More inclined toward ideas than people
Fiercely independent and unapologetically unconventional

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Today's Oneword - Zest

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Zest (tm). It leaves you feeling cleaner than soap. You can get zest (non-tm) from a lemon if you're baking. But you have to wash that zest off because it doesn't leave you feeling cleaner than soap.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Wedding Photography With Style

Here at Scott's Spot, we enjoy photography. Photographing people and events such as weddings is especially challenging and I enjoy viewing blogs and websites of photographers, like Kimberly Reed, who do it with artistry.

But for some really creative wedding photos, go here. Here's a sample:

These photos, and a few more, were originally posted here. It's a bit slow to load and the site is in Chinese, but is well worth the visit.

But it's possibly not for everyone. This is the site that I posted about yesterday that my wife didn't like.

Spineless Democrats - The Duck and Cover Version

Just last week I wrote about the miserable spineless Democrats who caved in to the miserable clueless President on passing an Iraq War funding bill with no accountability provisions. Duck and Cover provides a comic version.

Be sure to click on the comic for a larger version.

Today's Oneword - Foreign

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I found a cool blog site and showed it to my wife. She looked at me as if I were from a foreign country.