Friday, December 21, 2007

This Dress Was Made For Flushing

The Wedding Dress. A lot of money is spent on it. You wear it for a few hours. And then it's gone - seldom, if ever, to be seen again. We haven't seen my wife's dress in decades, other than in wedding photos.

Which makes you wonder about that dress. Should you have dropped all that cash on it? Should you have done something interesting with it, like trash it? But what if you have second thoughts about how you decided to trash it. You'd be out the dress and one very expensive photography session.

Well, there's a solution for you. It involves time, work, and a chance at some prize money. Sound interesting? Then head for Sam's Club and get a case of Scott's Toilet Tissue. That's right - you're going to be crafting your wedding dress out of toilet paper!

Sound outlandish? Then start by reading about it here. The dress is made out of toilet paper, glue, and tape. Then, to see it in action, check out this video. And the contest money? It comes from

Now, you'll want to know what to do with it after the wedding. Sure you could save it, but it hardly seems worth it. And, with the glue and tape, it's probably not safe for the septic tank. We checked with our janitor, who also cleans the john at Emily Post Institute. The verdict? You're saving that dress for exactly one year, after which it will be used to start the fire for that first anniversary weenie roast.

Save a marshmallow for me!


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