Thursday, December 20, 2007

Spying on Your Fellow Man, er, Human at Christmas, er, Winter Holiday

Christmas Winter Holiday is coming. (Hint, it's that one with the baby in the manger and the big fat man that we're not permitted to mention in stores and business greeting cards.)

That means it's time for the local KGB to ramp up its level of Grinchiness and turn our kids into Young Pioneers. Don't drive, take pictures, or look suspicious using your cell phones or you'll be getting a one way ticket to Guantanamo.

You'll need to watch your behind on both sides of the pond, in London and Chicago.

Here's the London sign:

And here's how to turn in your fellow Chicagoans:

Bureau of Strategic Deployment

Winter Holiday Public Awareness Bulletin

Each year, the Winter Holiday Season tends to spur larger crowds and increased traffic throughout the City. As it pertains to shopping districts, public transportation routes, and all other places of public assembly, the increased crowds become a matter of Homeland Security concern. During this holiday period, as a matter of public safety, we ask that all members of the general public heighten their awareness regarding any and all suspicious activity that may be an indicator of a threat to public safety. It is important to immediately report any or all of the below suspect activities.

  • Physical Surveillance (note taking, binocular use, cameras, video, maps)
  • Attempts to gain sensitive information regarding key facilities
  • Attempts to penetrate or test physical security / response procedures
  • Attempts to improperly acquire explosives, weapons, ammunition, dangerous chemicals, etc.
  • Suspicious or improper attempts to acquire official vehicles, uniforms, badges or access devices
  • Presence of individuals who do not appear to belong in workplaces, business establishments, or near key facilities
  • Mapping out routes, playing out scenarios, monitoring key facilities, timing traffic lights
  • Stockpiling suspicious materials or abandoning potential containers for explosives (e.g., vehicles, suitcases, etc)
  • Suspicious reporting of lost or stolen identification

See Something, Say Something
CALL 911


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