Wednesday, November 19, 2008

RIP Burgh Blog - And Theories On Its Demise

I started my blog 34 months ago. At that time I had no idea what it would turn into. I've written serious pieces, posted some photos, written some haikus, taken some quizzes and posted the results, and whatever else struck me. I've gotten a lot of hits, but most have come from people Googling the Manny Ramirez photo, the pieces on Joe Hardy and Kristin Georgi, and a post on blow-up dolls. So very few people know or care about Scott's Spot.

One of the first blogs I started reading was The B
urgh Blog, in its original Blogger incarnation - my favorite one. I've followed it faithfully ever since I discovered it, and subscribed to its feed on Bloglines. I posted the occasional comment and even got an email or two from PittGirl.

One of the key features of the Burgh Blog was that it was published anonymously. A few people knew who PittGirl was, but she(?) made
a point of maintaining her anonymity. And I kind of understand that - I have my first name on my blog, and you could probably find out my identity if you cared to and looked hard enough, but there aren't too many people who know who I am, and I prefer it that way. I even made some changes to my blog when an anonymous lawyer tried contacting me to discuss my posting about some 4-year-old girl who couldn't get Hannah Montana tickets.

So I understand a little bit about the anonymous blogger mentality.

But my theory is that PittGirl didn't intend for the Burgh Blog to last forever. She could have easily written her posts in a way that would preserve her anonymity indefinitely, but she didn't. I think that she intentionally provided clues that would enable some inquiring mind to discover her identity, toying with her readers, seeing how much she
could disclose until she was finally identified. She was intoxicated by seeing how close to that line she could get - but she finally crossed over it and someone was finally able to assemble the puzzle she laid out for all to see.

So now it's over. I think that PittGirl is sincere in her statement that

" that I’m cutting it away, I’m realizing what a big cut and a deep cut it really is. And how much it is hurting to let it go."

It's hurting us to see you go, too, PittGirl. I hope to read your writings in whatever forum you publish them in the future. And I hope you can console yourself with a Zima.


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