Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Touch Of Gray For Men

Let's face it. You've always wanted gray hair. It tells people that you're seasoned. Experienced. Been around the block. In other words, old, but just a little bit old. You don't want to look really old, such as what Presidents look life after they're in office and get totally stressed out.

And you know what men look like when they color their hair. Where I work, a few years back we had 2 directors who dyed their hair. One looked like a carrot, and the other like a blueberry.

At my age, I have a touch of gray. (I also have a touch of late onset male pattern baldness, but that's the topic of a different post.) So I can tell you that I'm regularly overcome by women who desire to be seen with the kind of experience that only comes in men wi
th gray hair.

But perhaps you're already fully gray. Could be a bummer, right? But not if you, like me, have gotten a flyer and coupon for a new product called Touch of Gray. It's designed for geezers who want to look only slightly geezerly. Who desire the kind of woman who desires a man with just a little bit of grey hair.


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