Friday, May 23, 2008

Presidential Attributes

Many of us are wondering how we should choose a president this year. Should it be age, experience, political party, liberalism or conservatism, or what?

Well, perhaps you should consider the teeth. Obama's are white. McCain's are white, but it looks like there may be extensive, er, expensive, dental work back there. They may not be all white, which could doom him in Pennsylvania.

Watch for a lot of forced smiles with exposed teeth this fall. And then, imagine your candidate aged by 15 years with those same teeth. Because that's what the winner's gonna look like in about 3 months.

How will your candidate look and think in additional 15 years and 5 root canals?


At May 28, 2008, Blogger Neal said...

I don't think McCain will still be alive in 15 years.

Oh yeah, by the way....

GO WINGS!!!!!!

Sorry, it had to be done.


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