Friday, November 09, 2007

Buy a Bra - Save a Tree

Style. Sexiness. Environmental Consciousness. And a full belly. Life used to be full of compromises. But now, you can have all. All you need is the My Hashi Bra, or, My Chopstick Bra.

Made by bra maker Triumph International, the My Hashi Bra comes with collapsible chopsticks stashed inside the body of the brassiere.

Triumph spokesperson Hiromi Shinta said: "Its small step, but because many Japanese chopsticks are disposable, big chunks of forests are being cut down. So we thought we could help promote the use of 'My Chopsticks' and help cut down on disposable chopsticks."

People in Japan throw away an estimated 25 billion pairs of wooden chopsticks every year. Here is a chance to get some chopsticks that won't be thrown away. In fact, they may be treasured keepsakes.

Watch the video below to get the full scoop...

Now that's an uplifting story!


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