Sunday, November 04, 2007

Axe Wielding Serial Killer on Hanover Advent Calendar

The Advent Calendar. You light a candle. Read a passage from the Bible. Contemplate the coming birth of Christ. Maybe say a prayer. A very nice tradition. No axes, and no serial killers. But the Hanover, Germany, Advent Calendar, sold in Hanover's tourism offices, shows a different side to the observance of Advent.

As you can see from the picture, the Hanover Advent Calendar includes a picture of axe wielding serial killer Fritz Haarmann, according to an Ananova article. Head of the Hanover tourism board, Hans-Christian Nolte, has defended the calendar, saying: "He is part of our city's history. Even on guided tours the serial killer's story is told."

While it may be true that Haarmann is part of Hanover's history, it is not one worth celebrating on the city's Advent calendar. If you're not convinced, you should read about the crimes committed by Haarmann (known as The Butcher of Hanover) here.


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