Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Goodbye, Wedgies!

The wedgie. Your worst high school fear. Or one of the worst, at least.

But you can kiss your fears goodbye. According to an Ananova article, eight-year-old twin inventors have developed wedgie-proof underpants.

Jared and Justin Serovich, from Los Angeles, call their creation the Rip Away 1000.

The waistband of the pants is held on by velcro and comes away in a bully's hands if a wedgie is attempted.

"When the person tries to grab you like the bully or the person tries to give you a wedgie they just rip away," Justin explained on the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

The project got the boys to the finals of a central Ohio invention competition earlier this year, followed by the TV appearance.

Finally, there is hope for American Innovation.


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