Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Python Found In Clarion, PA!

That venerable source of news, the Oil City Derrick, recently reported on a pet python from Clarion which made a break for freedom, only to be thwarted whilst trying to cross Wood Street.

Office workers at Howard Hanna - located at the intersection with South Fifth Avenue - noticed a disturbance after one vehicle slowed to miss the snake and a second motorist stopped to move it onto the sidewalk.

Employees Beth Smathers and Joe Rex were part of the rescue effort. "I didn't want it getting into the office. All the girls would be screaming." Smathers said.

They notified the Clarion Borough police department and the newspaper office to see if anyone had reported a reptile pet missing. No one had.

Officers Shawn Zerfoss and Neil Kemmer arrived in the area to find the snake resting in a garbage can outside the office. It was estimated the python is probably about 2 to 3 years old. Zerfoss said they are not poisonous and rarely bite. The snake was then taken to Pets Fifth Avenue for safekeeping.

Anyone with information may contact the department at 226-9140.


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