Tuesday, November 13, 2007

American Idol Could Take Over Pittsburgh Public Schools in 2008

According to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review (the Pittsburgh newspaper that's not one of America's Great Newspapers) the Pennsylvania Department of Education could take over the Pittsburgh Public Schools if they can't get their act together by 2008.

Ronald Cowell, better known as "Simon Cowell", president of the Education Policy and Leadership Center, a nonprofit organization based in Harrisburg, said that the state had struggled with relatively small districts like Duquesne and Chester-Upland. He said that the education scene in Pittsburgh has no future.

Fortunately, no education is needed to succeed in America's most visible Talent Search, American Idol. So Cowell suggested that we just ditch the the education charade put on by the Pittsburgh Public Schools and replace it by a program to prep kids for American Idol auditions.

Of course, not everyone can succeed on American Idol. So some of the money that the state is throwing into the system will be used to provide each student with a Powerball stipend that will maximize the chances for success.

Los Angeles and Nashville school systems are watching the Pittsburgh Experiment closely to see if similar reforms would benefit their schools.


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