Monday, September 10, 2007

Hot College Chicks

Here at Scott's Spot, we're all for hot college chicks. But we don't see them very often. Which is why we're glad that once each year, a friend in the Robert Morris University (formerly Robert Morris College) alumni association gets us cheap tickets to a Pittsburgh Pirates game. We sit in the nosebleed section, watch the Pirates do their overpaid thing, and see what our young friends at RMU are up to.

You may have heard that college students require a significant amount of remedial education. And that may be true for old tired traditional subjects like Math, English, and Science. But it's definitely not true for real life skills, like text messaging. In the photo at right, you can observe a hot Robert Morris Unversity coed sending text messages. Her thumb action was phenomenal!

You're probably thinking that hot college babes like this, with skills that are ready for the real world, are out of your reach. And that may be the case. But these tech-savvy goddesses network with other beauties, as shown at right. Just get her number, and your social networking potential will know no bounds!

We are bullish on the future of higher education here at Scott's Spot!


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