Friday, September 07, 2007

New Uniforms for the Pittsburgh Penguins

If there's something we care about at Scott's Spot, it's the uniforms (s)ported by the Pittsburgh Penguins when they're out high sticking and cross checking their opponents. So we were understandably concerned when the Penguins got new uniforms. Here's what they look like:

You are probably wondering about the differences between the old and new Penguins uniforms. Mike Lange, at right in the photo above, and I have compiled this guide:
  • The basic color scheme is the same
  • They have the same logo
  • The fit is a little slimmer
  • The other teams in the NHL are already wearing them
  • There are several minor alterations with the striping on the sleeves and removal of the art-deco Penguin logo -- a throwback from the Howard Baldwin ownership era -- from the shoulders
  • The new uniforms have a shoulder patch commemorating Pittsburgh's 250th anniversary
  • The sides have been cut up along the hips to almost give the tail the look of a tailored dress shirt - exactly the kind of look that Pittsburghers are looking for in their slashing tripping goons
Despite this nonsense, we're hoping that the Penguins are going to focus less on fashion and more on hockey this year.


At September 07, 2007, Blogger Judge Rufus Peckham said...

I agree completely.

At September 08, 2007, Blogger Neal said...

As long as Sid the Kid is there, they will be tough. I honestly can't tell that those are even new unis.

At September 10, 2007, Blogger Scott said...

I can't tell either, which is why it's all so stupid!


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