Sunday, May 13, 2007

A Memorable Week at Scott's Spot

It has certainly been a memorable week in the hit counter department here at Scott's Spot. They usually spend most of their time sitting on their thumbs, surfing the internet, and generally just wasting precious space.

But not this week. This week has been the week of Joe Hardy and Kristin Georgi. Joe Hardy, is, of course, the 84-year-old founder of 84 Lumber and owner of the Nemacolin Woodlands Resort, Spa, Polo Grounds, Shooting Range, Mystic Rocks Golf Course, etc., etc., etc. and most of Fayette County, PA. And Kristin Georgi is the 22-year-old erstwhile Nemacolin Woodlands salon employee who became Hardy's third wife last Saturday, May 5.

Anticipating the hunger for information about the nuptials, we posted several items about the happy couple, including an exclusive photo of the wedding.

The response was amazing. The activity level at Scott's Spot peaked on Monday, May 7 with 1180 hits by 969 unique visitors.

But like the marriage, the activity level has quickly fallen off and is close to normal levels. My staff has gone back to sleeping on the job. Maybe they're dreaming that they'll marry some multi-millionaire and escape their sorry existence...


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