Friday, May 04, 2007

A Celebration of Young Love

Here at Scott's Spot, sometimes we start feeling our age. But we're still believers in young love. And when it comes to young love, there's no better example than 84 Lumber founder Joe Hardy.

Hardy, multi-millionare, Fayette County commissioner, founder and owner of the Nemacolin Woodlands Resort, and (and I'm not making this up) Lord of the Manor of Henley-upon-Arden, is soon to be wed to 22-year-old Kristin Georgi, who hails from Masontown, Fayette County, and is an employee at a Nemacolin Woodlands salon.

"I imagine we'll go to Vegas," Hardy told a Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reporter. "It'll be a quickie."

Well, that's one way of looking at it.

A reception in Pennsylvania is planned for a later date. Hardy is still looking for a place to have the reception. I'm sure he could get the Farmington Fire Hall. In fact, he might buy the place.


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