Sunday, May 06, 2007

Happy News From the World of Love

Here at Scott's Spot we love happy news. Especially happy news of love. For example, we are very happy for Chip and Cindy Alternos, who were separated and about to divorce. But they reunited when Chip needed a kidney transplant, Cindy volunteered one of her kidneys to him, and they fell back in love and canceled their divorce.

And that's exactly the kind of news that we're optimistically expecting to hear out of Fayette County, PA, in, oh, November 2007. At that point, Joe Hardy and Kristin Georgi will have been married 6 months. Times will be hard, as Kristin will have asked repeatedly for Joe to fund the expansion of the Nemacolin Woodlands beauty salon. But those demands will have fallen on deaf ears. Kristin will be ready to leave and sue Hardy for all he's worth, despite the terms of the prenuptial agreement. But soon, Joe will take ill and start to lose his hair. Kristin will volunteer to donate her hair to Joe, saving the marriage for the next 6 months, or the remainder of Joe's life, whichever is longer...


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