Saturday, January 14, 2006

Who Kicks in 2006?

I've been writing a "ghoul pool" list for the office for the last few years. It's not a "pool" like other ghoul pools, where everyone makes their picks and puts in their money. Rather, I just look for various famous people and try to create a humorous entry about them. In case you're interested in checking the vital signs of your favorite celebrity, go to the Dead People Server site.

And now, before I post my entries, a word about Strom. Senator Strom Thurmond was on my list for years, and has even appeared posthumously. I kind of miss not having him on this year, but I'm confident that he'll find his way onto a future listing.

And now, for this year's entries...

  1. Bob Barker – He can purchase a trip to the other side – iiiiifff The Price is Right!
  2. Billy Graham – Lookin’ for a new crusading venue.
  3. Neil Young – Rust Never Sleeps, but Neil’s gonna.
  4. Henry Kissinger – Former Secretary of State drones on into oblivion
  5. Karl Malden – Leaves the Streets of San Francisco to find the streets paved with gold.
  6. Scott Hamilton – Flipping over backwards to make the jump to the rink that needs no Zamboni.
  7. Arlen Specter – US Senator and former Warren Commission member gets a final hearing for his single bullet theory.
  8. Paul Harvey – “Stand by for news! Today, from the other side…”
  9. Dick Clark – It’s only a matter of time before that giant crystal ball falls on him.
  10. Monty Hall – Finds out how hard it is to make a deal on the other side…
And, finally, the levees can no longer hold back my choice for this year’s wild card entry…New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin. He will be unexpectedly found drowned in his Jacuzzi.


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