Thursday, March 20, 2008

Good and Bad Ways People Find My Blog

I use Statcounter to learn how people find my blog. Sure, almost everone who finds it is on their way elsewhere, but I had the self-esteem beat out of me a couple of jobs ago so I don't care about that.

The Good: Someone clicked on my blog by Googling "Jolesa Barber", a 12 year old girl who was gunned down in Pittsburgh. My post was about how I am a hunter but that I don't support the NRA and its extreme positions, which are responsible for Jolene Barber's death. I hate it that Jolene Barber was killed, but I'm happy if my post causes even one person to question his NRA membership.

The Bad: Someone Googled "roadway peeing" and got to this post. No good can come from having your blog associated with roadway peeing.


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