Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Jackasses in the Democratic Party National Organizion

You've got to question the intelligence of the Democratic Party's national organization. They've got all the advantages:
  • They're running against the most inept President in memory
  • We're stuck in an ill-advised war
  • The economy is ruined because of its irresponsible fiscal policies
  • The President can't even pronounce "nuclear" correctly

But they squandered those advantages. They disallowed delegates from the Florida and Michigan primaries from being seated at the democratic convention because they committed the vile offense of holding their primaries before February 5.

Now, they're faced with a real race between Hillary "Got qualifications but tons of people hate me" Clinton and Barak "I pray that they don't mention my middle name" Obama.

It appears that neither candidate can win a majority at this point, making the party's rulings against Florida and Michigan look particularly petty.

We can only hope that the Democratic Party becomes just a little bit more democratic or the country's going to be stuck with another pro-war president.

With all the baggage of the national Democratic Party, it'll be a wonder if we can get a Democratic president in 2008.


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