Friday, April 20, 2007

Kitchen Aid Blender = Waste of Money

Sometimes, there's nothing that hits the spot like a frozen Margarita. And for that, you need a decent blender.

The Sunbeam blender we got for our wedding worked for about 20 years. Then we used an old Hoover (yes, Hoover!) blender that we inherited from my grandmother. Then we "upgraded" to the Kitche
n Aid. It's a good thing we kept the Hoover.

First off, the Hoover is a better blender, and makes very smooth Margaritas with no ice chunks left. As for the Kitchen Aid, well, you get a smooth one once in a while, but not reliably. Plus, in less than a couple years worth of Margaritas the teeth on the coupler have started to break. Thankfully you can replace this part with the proper wrench and a $6 + Shipping part. But the bad news is that this stinking $100 blender broke 10x faster than the el cheapo Sunbeam we got for our wedding.

The Kitchen Aid guy on the Kitchen Aid forum likens this to a set of tires, saying that it's a maintenance item. If so, then it's time that Kitchen Aid, the supposed Cadillac of appliances, upgrades to some Michelins.


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