Tuesday, July 25, 2006

US Airways to Sell Advertising on Barf Bags

US Airways has certainly had its ups and downs over the last few years. First, a period of expansion in the 1980s after changing its name from Allegheny Airlines to USAir in 1979. Then, it expanded internationally through an investment by British Airways. After the British Airways relationship, USAir became US Airways and the planes got a fresh paint job. Then, following financial troubles, the airline agreed to be bought by United Airlines, but antitrust concerns and financial difficulties by both partners led United to withdraw its offer.

US Airways, the largest carrier at Washington's Reagan National Airport, suffered severely following the 9/11 terrorist attacks, and went into Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2002. After an early emergence from bankruptcy, the airline, beset by high fuel costs, was unable to obtain wage concessions by its unions and was forced into another round of bankruptcy in 2004. And then along came America West, which merged with US Airways in 2005.

With all these ups and downs, you would think that US Airways provides a bumpy ride for its passengers. And you'd be right about that. In fact, this fact was confirmed with the announcement that US Airways will be the first airline to include advertisements on its air sickness bags.

We conducted a confidential poll of the Scott's Spot Frequent Travelers club, and received the following comments and questions:

  1. These bags are the perfect final destination for those wretched boxed meals sold on cramped long distance US Airways flights.
  2. More passengers would be touched by this advertising if it were put on US Airways lavatory toilet tissue.
  3. USAirways barf bags will become collectors item, and the airline's cost of replacing them will drive them into a 3rd round of bankruptcy.
The Scott's Spot Advertising Department has come up with the following ideas. US Airways is free to use them. But you can bet they'll be too cheap to attribute them to us:
  1. Try the barf bags Mikey Likes
  2. Barfvergnügen
  3. You should've had a Maalox Moment
  4. Ziploc - Now More Than Ever


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