Thursday, July 20, 2006

Idaho - Now Famous For More Than Potatoes

I'd really like to visit Idaho. I understand that parts of the state are very scenic. But the state is mostly known for its potatoes. Look at the license plates - "Famous Potatoes" has been the slogan on Idaho license plates since 1957!

But Idaho may soon have to update its license plates to read "Famous Burmese Pythons." First, we had the case of Bessie, the 8-foot Burmese Python who became famous spending 2 weeks eluding capture a 57,000-square-foot apartment complex in Rexburg, Idaho. And now, we have Houdini, the 12-foot 60-pound Burmese Python from Ketchum, Idaho, who swallowed an entire queen-size electric blanket -- with the electrical cord and control box.

Veterinarian Karsten Fostvedt conducted a two-hour operation on the python Tuesday, and said afterward, "The prognosis is great."

Personally, the culinary department at Scott's Spot would have plugged in the cord and waited until Houdini's internal temperature rose to 180 degrees. That way, you can be sure that it would taste just like chicken, and then it would do a
real disappearing act.


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