Monday, July 17, 2006

It Wasn't a Coors He Was Drinking

As we at Scott's Spot reported earlier, Coors "Beer" executive Peter Coors has been cited for driving under the influence of alcohol. We can now update this story by reporting that Coors has had his driver's license revoked. Coors, 59, said he had consumed a beer about 30 minutes before leaving a wedding, the Rocky Mountain News reported.

In one breath test, Coors registered a blood alcohol level of 0.073 percent. In a second, 20 minutes later, he registered 0.088. We turned this information to the research department at Scott's Spot, which produced the following chart:

We don't know how much Mr. Coors weighs, but putting him at 200 pounds, we have him as having consumed 4-5 drinks per hour. If he just had that one beer about 30 minutes before leaving, then it was definitely a real beer and not a Coors.

Scott's Spot recommends that Mr. Coors spring for a portable breathalyzer. They start at about $10. I'm sure that he could even afford
this top of the line model.

Bottoms Up! And get yourself a dresignated diver ifyer gonna be dreenkin.


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