Monday, July 10, 2006

Plug for FreeUndelete Software

I crashed my work computer earlier this evening. I may yet be able to recover the hard drive, but I was worried about losing some of my photos that I have only on that drive. I'm actually worried about a lot of photos that I have only on that drive.

My most recent photos were from my vacation last week. I had loaded most of my photos onto the hard drive and hoped to recover them from my memory card. I tried Norton Unerase Wizard - useless! I Googled unerase utilities, but most of them required you to pay before you could recover even a single file. Finally, I discovered a free program called FreeUndelete. It is published by a company called OfficeRecovery, and I highly recommend this software. It is truly free and recovered all of the files off of my one memory card. I will try it on my others as well.

I do hope I can get the files recovered from that hard drive, though...

UPDATE 7/10/2006: My hard drive was restored to life with no loss of photos! But go get that FreeUndelete software anyway!


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