Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Changing Water into Wine in the Aftermath of Ike

Pennsylvania had a lot of wind damage from the remnants of Hurricane Ike. Some people are still without power after 2 days, and some will be without power for up to a week. And some residents are without potable water. Thankfully, Midland, Beaver County, is addressing this potential problem by changing the water into wine. In the photo at right, Richard Bennett takes water from a water buffalo and changes it into a cheap Carlo Rossi Chablis. A water department official said it would be at least 24 hours until testing could be complete to determine whether the wine could safely be turned back into water. The Midland system also supplies Industry, Ohioville and Shippingport (also known as "Shippenport", according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, One of America's Great Newspapers.)


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