Saturday, August 23, 2008

Moon Unit Gets Fired

Fort Hays State University, in Kansas, today said it has dismissed its debate coach, Dr. Bill Shanahan, who pulled down his pants during an obscenity-filled shouting match with his counterpart at the University of Pittsburgh during a national debate competition.

Additionally, the school has ordered the campus debate program suspended pending resolution of what the university described as problems with the activity on the national level.

I haven't followed university debating in recent years, but has mooning become part of the technique? If so, who should moon whom? Should the loser moon the winner as a sign of capitulation, or should the winner do it so show dominance?

Asked whether a Pitt professor's use of profanity in a public setting would be at odds with university policy, Pitt spokesman Mr. Fedele had no immediate comment and said he would inquire further. Which means that profanity is OK, as long is the the user of profanity remains fully clothed.


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