Thursday, July 05, 2007

Kids Won't Cut Grass? Use Sheep Instead!

My kids like to talk about cutting the grass. And they usually don't complain too much about doing the riding on the John Deere tractor. But when it comes to the push mowing or the weed trimming, you can forget about getting cooperation, except at knifepoint.

I'm surprised that they haven't tried t
o get me to buy some sheep. Over in England, there is an eco-initiative in Norwich for people to get rid of their lawnmowers. Sheep could be brought in to maintain the lawns at the headquarters of Norfolk County Council in Norwich. The sheep would be looked after by their own dedicated council shepherd (but at what cost???)

Maybe sheep are the way to go. But with 2 acres, it would take a number of them to keep the lawn at a decent length. Plus, I still have delusions of compliance, and would actually like to witness a scene like that at right...


At July 24, 2007, Blogger Garden Wise Guy said...

Scott: Pop over to my blog for an alternative to your lawn woes. 2 acres? Yipes. I'm all about bombing them with napalm if I had a chance (surely, I jest!).


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