Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Prankster Ape Takes The Blame in Iowa

When firefighters responded to an alarm at the Great Ape Trust of Iowa research center in Des Moines, they found no fire and one guilty ape.

At least that's what the researchers are saying. The official word is that the alarm was pulled by bonobo named Panbanisha, who has already "been told not to do it again," according to Trust spokesman Al Setka.

Here at Scott's Spot, we're thinking that one of the Trust's workers decided to have a little fun on a Friday afternoon, and fingered Panbanisha. But we're not beyond believing that the bonobo is capable of pulling a false alarm.

As David Byrne sang...

They say animals don't worry
You know animals are hairy?
They think they know what's best
They're making a fool of us
They ought to be more careful
They're setting a bad example
They have untroubled lives
They think everything's nice
They like to laugh at people
They're setting a bad example


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