Sunday, October 08, 2006

Luke Ravenstahl Falls For Sienna Miller

We all know by now that Sienna Miller was harshly critical of Pittsburgh in a Rolling Stone interview. In the interview, she refers to Pittsburgh as "sh*tsburgh" and goes on to say “Can you believe this is my life? Will you pity me when you’re back in your funky New York apartment and I’m still in Pittsburgh? I need to get more glamorous films." Miller is currently in town filming a movie called The Mysteries of Pittsburgh. You'd think she'd have a good word to say about the city name featured in her current project.

But now we find that Miller's comments were not directed against Pittsburgh after all! They were actually a ploy to get a photo-op with - an older man. Yes, the 24-year-old Sienna Miller has the hots for 26-year-old Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl!

"I want to apologize for my comments, which seem to have been misconstrued and taken out of context," Miller said. With a grin, Mr. Ravenstahl proclaimed, "She is forgiven."

Luke is gonna have to play this situation carefully. The feelings of the rest of Pittsburgh regarding Sienna Miller are more like those expressed in the Carbolic Smoke Ball and the Burgh Blog (here, here, here, and here).


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