Thursday, July 16, 2009

Wendy's Double - Where's The Beef?

Ordering at Wendy's used to be simple. They had 3 burgers. The Single. The Double. And The Triple. You knew how many quarter-pound beef patties you were gonna get. Ordering was a little bit tricky, depending on whether you wanted cheese, lettuce, or tomato, but things usually went pretty smoothly.

Until today.
Today, when I ordered my plain double, no cheese, I was asked "Do you want the Double Stack or the 1/4 Pound Double?"

Double Stack? What the hell is a Double Stack?

Why has Wendy's taken one of their flagship products and created confusion with one of their other products? Are they planning to get rid of the classic Double?

Dave Thomas would have fired the sorry ass of the marketing genius who came up with that idea!


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