Thursday, April 12, 2007

Nestle Buys Gerber, Announces New Chocolate Baby Foods

Now, a word from the world of mergers and acquisitions. Usually not a topic on Scott's Spot, but today we must make an exception. Nestle SA, the world's biggest food and drink company, has announced that it will buy Gerber Products Co. for $5.5 billion, giving it the lion's share of the global baby food market.

Chocolate-smeared hands at Nestle headquarters in Geneva were rubbed together in glee as plans were laid to create a new generation of youthful chocolate addicts. New products under discussion include:

  • Junior Toll House Cookies and Cream
  • KitKat Teething Biscuits
  • First Foods Strained Butterfingers
  • Nestle Quik Microwaveable Bottles
Mars, the parent company of M&M's, is rumored to be in talks to acquire Beech-Nut Baby Foods.


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