Friday, January 19, 2007

Mr. Justin Tyme Begets Daughter, Summer Tyme

According to the Associated Press, an Indiana County (PA) man named Justin Tyme recently became father Tyme when his girlfriend gave birth to their daughter: Summer Tyme.

Summer Tyme, who was born Tuesday, January 16 at Indiana Regional Medical Center, and her mother were both reported to be doing well.

Mr. Tyme was not originally named Justin. He changed his name to Justin when he turned 21.

Mr. Tyme and Ms. Johns were not in full agreement as to the girl's name. Johns was overheard saying "the girl was born in Winter, so I'll be calling her 'Winter.' And that Justin, I'm gonna change his name to 'Outta.' "

In 21 years, expect to find a story of a girl named Summer Tyme who legally changes her name to "Miller."


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