Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Eighth Grade Family And Consumer Science Family Meal Assignment

One of my sons had to prepare a family meal for his Family and Consumer Science (i.e., Home Ec) class. The assignment read as follows:

Plan a nutritious meal for your family using all food groups, including the fruit and vegetable groups. You may choose breakfast, lunch, or dinner and may use our class recipes or learn how to make a family recipe. You are in charge of the planning, preparation, serving, and clean-up of this meal. There are bonus points if you can help do the grocery shopping. You must complete the student section below and your family members who enjoyed your meal should comment on your work and sign the form. Bon Appetit!

The meal prepared was:
  • Sandwich steaks on whole grain buns
  • Carrot sticks
  • Tomatoes and Lettuce
  • French Fries
  • Milk
My oldest son and I stewed our creative juices together to craft these comments:

1. Food appearance and flavor (Did the food look appetizing? Did it have a pleasing flavor? Did the menu choices complement each other?

The food was quite appetizing and the meal was, on a whole, very flavorful. There were several dishes which complemented each other quite well. (The food did, too!) A variety of flavored bovine potables was served.

2. Kitchen appearance (Equipment and supplies in place? Counter, sink, and range clean?)

The kitchen appearance was very clean and well maintained. All above mentioned areas were clean. The novelty of said cleanliness lent an unexpected yet welcome air of festivity to the occasion. A mood of mystery and anticipation was present, due to four of eight spotlights being burned out.

3. Meal Service (Table set properly? Meal served at correct temperature?)

The table was properly set and the food was at the perfect temperature for eating. The temperature allowed for a dancing plethora of flavor. A candle was lit to provide a moderately elegant ambiance, which was dampened only slightly when one of the younger diners created a chocolate milk slick on the table.

4. Food Safety/Kitchen Safety (Safety rules followed? Leftovers stored quickly?)

Yes, safety rules were followed. I love the oven mitts. There were no leftovers because it was good. A fire extinguisher was available but turned out to be unnecessary. It will be there if needed for the next assignment, where a flambé has been put on the menu.


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